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WebFilter element (Iis extension)

IIs Filter for a Component or Web Site


Component, WebSite


Description (String) : Description of the filter.

Flags (wxs:Integer) : Sets the MD_FILTER_FLAGS metabase key for the filter. This must be an integer. See MSDN 'FilterFlags' documentation for more details.

Id (String) : The unique Id for the web filter. If the Id is not specified, it will be generated.

LoadOrder (String) : The legal values are "first", "last", or a number. If a number is specified, it must be greater than 0.

Name (String, required) : The name of the filter to be used in IIS.

Path (String, required) : The path of the filter executable file. This should usually be a value like '[!FileId]', where 'FileId' is the file identifier of the filter executable file.

WebSite (String) : Specifies the parent website for this filter (if there is one). If this is a global filter, then this attribute should not be specified.

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