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WebProperty element (Iis extension)

IIS Properties




Here is an explanation of the acceptable values for each property and their meaning:

  • For the Ids IIs5IsolationMode and LogInUTF8, no value should be specified since the presence of this property indicates that the setting should be set.
  • For the MaxGlobalBandwidth Id, the value should be specified in kilobytes. The value should be a base 10 number.
  • ETagChangeNumber sets the machine-specific portion of ETag as a number. This value, when synchronized across servers in a web farm, allows the web farm to return an identical ETag for a given resource regardless of the server that handled the request. The value should be a base 10 number.


Id (enumeration, required) : This attribute's value must be one of the following:

  • ETagChangeNumber
  • IIs5IsolationMode
  • MaxGlobalBandwidth
  • LogInUTF8

Value (String) : The value to be used for the WebProperty specified in the Id attribute. See the remarks section for information on acceptable values for each Id.

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