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CustomActionTypes Enumeration

Defines flags for the Type column of the CustomAction table.


AsyncRun asynchronously
ClientRepeatRun on client only if UI already run on client
CommitIn conjunction with InScript: run Commit ops from script on success
ContinueIgnore action return status, continue running
DirectorySource = Directory.Directory, folder containing existing file
DllTarget = entry point name
ExeTarget = command line args
FirstSequenceSkip if UI sequence already run
HideTargetDon't record the contents of the Target field in the log file
InScriptQueue for execution within script
InstallTarget = property list for nested engine initialization
JScriptTarget = entry point name, null if none to call
NoImpersonateNo impersonation, run in system context
NoneUnspecified custom action type.
OncePerProcessSkip if UI sequence already run in same process
PatchUninstallThe custom action runs only when a patch is being uninstalled
PropertySource = Property.Property, full path to executable
RollbackIn conjunction with InScript: queue in Rollback script
SixtyFourBitScriptScript requires 64bit process
SourceFileSource = File.File, file part of installation
TextDataTarget = text string to be formatted and set into property
TSAwareImpersonate for per-machine installs on TS machines
VBScriptTarget = entry point name, null if none to call

WixToolset.Dtf.WindowsInstaller.dll version 5.0.0+41e11442b2ca93e444b60213b5ae99dcbab787d8