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UpgradeAttributes Enumeration

Defines values for the Attributes column of the Upgrade table.


IgnoreRemoveFailureContinues installation upon failure to remove a product or application.
LanguagesExclusiveDetects all languages, excluding the languages listed in the Language column.
MigrateFeaturesMigrates feature states by enabling the logic in the MigrateFeatureStates action.
OnlyDetectDetects products and applications but does not remove.
VersionMaxInclusiveDectects the range of versions including the value in VersionMax.
VersionMinInclusiveDetects the range of versions including the value in VersionMin.

WixToolset.Dtf.WindowsInstaller.dll version 5.0.0+41e11442b2ca93e444b60213b5ae99dcbab787d8