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ValidationError Enumeration

Defines the type of error encountered by the «see M:WixToolset.Dtf.WindowsInstaller.View.Validate(WixToolset.Dtf.WindowsInstaller.Record)» , «see M:WixToolset.Dtf.WindowsInstaller.View.ValidateNew(WixToolset.Dtf.WindowsInstaller.Record)» , or «see M:WixToolset.Dtf.WindowsInstaller.View.ValidateFields(WixToolset.Dtf.WindowsInstaller.Record)» methods of the «see T:WixToolset.Dtf.WindowsInstaller.View» class.


BadCabinetAn invalid cabinet name was supplied.
BadCaseThe case was invalid. The case must be all uppercase or all lowercase.
BadCategoryThe category column of the _Validation table for the column is invalid.
BadConditionAn invalid conditional statement was supplied.
BadCustomSourceAn invalid string was supplied in the CustomSource column of the CustomAction table.
BadDefaultDirAn invalid string was supplied in the DefaultDir column of the Directory table.
BadFileNameAn invalid file name was supplied.
BadFormattedAn invalid format string was supplied.
BadGuidAn invalid GUID was supplied.
BadIdentifierAn invalid identifier was supplied.
BadKeyTableThe table in the Keytable column of the _Validation table was not found or loaded.
BadLanguageInvalid language IDs were supplied.
BadLinkThe corresponding record in a foreign table was not found.
BadLocalizeAttribAn invalid localization attribute was supplied. (Primary keys cannot be localized.)
BadMaxMinValuesThe value in the MaxValue column of the _Validation table is less than the value in the MinValue column.
BadPathAn invalid path was supplied.
BadPropertyAn invalid property string was supplied.
BadRegPathAn invalid registry path string was supplied.
BadShortcutAn invalid shortcut target name was supplied.
BadTemplateAn invalid template string was supplied.
BadVersionAn invalid version string was supplied.
BadWildcardAn invalid wildcard file name was supplied, or the use of wildcards was invalid.
DuplicateKeyThe new record duplicates primary keys of the existing record in a table.
MissingDataThe _Validation table is missing a reference to a column.
NoneNo error.
NotInSetThe data is not a member of the values permitted in the set.
OverflowThe data is greater than the maximum value allowed.
RequiredThere are no null values allowed, or the column is about to be deleted but is referenced by another row.
StringOverflowThe string is too long for the length specified by the column definition.
UnderflowThe data is less than the minimum value allowed.

WixToolset.Dtf.WindowsInstaller.dll version 5.0.0+41e11442b2ca93e444b60213b5ae99dcbab787d8