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InstallRunMode Enumeration

Specifies the run mode for «see M:WixToolset.Dtf.WindowsInstaller.Session.GetMode(WixToolset.Dtf.WindowsInstaller.InstallRunMode)» .


AdminThe administrative mode is installing, or the product is installing.
AdvertiseThe advertisements are installing or the product is installing or updating.
CabinetFiles from cabinets and Media table files are installing.
CommitA custom action called from commit execution script.
LogEnabledThe log file is active. It was enabled prior to the installation session.
MaintenanceAn existing installation is being modified or there is a new installation.
OperationsExecute operations are spooling or they are in the determination phase.
RebootAtEndA reboot is necessary after a successful installation (settable).
RebootNowA reboot is necessary to continue the installation (settable).
RollbackA custom action called from rollback execution script.
RollbackEnabledRollback is enabled.
ScheduledA custom action called from install script execution.
SourceShortNamesThe source LongFileNames is suppressed through the PID_MSISOURCE summary property.
TargetShortNamesThe target LongFileNames is suppressed through the SHORTFILENAMES property.
Windows9xThe operating system is Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows ME.
ZawEnabledThe operating system supports demand installation.

WixToolset.Dtf.WindowsInstaller.dll version 5.0.0+41e11442b2ca93e444b60213b5ae99dcbab787d8