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ViewModifyMode Enumeration

Specifies the modify mode for «see M:WixToolset.Dtf.WindowsInstaller.View.Modify(WixToolset.Dtf.WindowsInstaller.ViewModifyMode,WixToolset.Dtf.WindowsInstaller.Record)» .


AssignUpdates or inserts a Record into the View.
DeleteDeletes a Record from the View.
InsertInserts a Record into the view.
InsertTemporaryInserts a Record into the View. The inserted data is not persistent.
MergeInserts or validates a record.
RefreshRefreshes the data in a Record.
ReplaceUpdates or deletes and inserts a Record into the View.
SeekRefreshes the information in the supplied record without changing the position in the result set and without affecting subsequent fetch operations.
UpdateUpdates the View with new data from the Record.
ValidateValidates a record.
ValidateDeleteValidates a record that will be deleted later.
ValidateFieldValidates fields of a fetched or new record. Can validate one or more fields of an incomplete record.
ValidateNewValidates a new record.

WixToolset.Dtf.WindowsInstaller.dll version 5.0.0+41e11442b2ca93e444b60213b5ae99dcbab787d8